August 12, 2017

Rise of the Machines: How Artificial Intel and Robotics Are Changing Healthcare

As many business leaders and media pundits pay lip service to what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Healthcare industry insiders have been optimistic about the great benefits on the horizon. A majority of the discussions about technology and health have, in broad strokes, centered on the IOT (internet of things), telemedicine, personalisation, and of course robotics. However, the question remains how will these tech advancements transform the way the business works? As the CEO of more than one […]
August 10, 2017

Infection Control Numbers to Hit $22.58 Billion Globally by 2022 Say Forecasts

Citing a handful of factors – like a ballooning elderly population, rapidly rising HAIs (hospital acquired infections), a growing number of annual surgeries performed, an increase in general demand for better hygiene amongst hospital staff and the general public – market forecasts certainly spell big opportunity for external service providers. They also open a wide and welcoming door for innovation. For the most part, the infection control market is segmented into two key streams, disinfection and sterilization. Diving deeper, the […]
August 9, 2017

Seniors and Superbugs: The Relationship is Deep New Data Reveals

For anyone who has ever spent a night in a crowded hospital emergency room, sitting in that plastic seat surrounded by the sick, huddled and coughing masses, you already know the mind quickly turns to infection prevention. The irony that you may receive an illness or hospital acquired infection (HAI), is likely not lost on the common patient. While you can chalk this up to a professional hazard for medical staff, patients are an altogether different story. One that involves […]