Yes, best-in- class technology is a critical piece of the puzzle. But technology is only ever as good (or bad) as its user. This is why at Solaris we invest heavily in consulting with and supporting our customers. Because without the Process you have no Solution.

Innovation is irrelevant. It's useful innovation that counts.

At Solaris we focus on providing the ‘useful’ through our on-going training, systems consulting, program development, monitoring and technical support.

Solaris' success depends on our ability to deliver value to our customers over the long term.

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No Capital, No Problem. At Solaris we envision a future free of major capital investments. Our available Subscription model reduces technology investment risk, while providing the solution you are looking for.

A Procurement Solution for Every Scenario

Subscription Model

Payable monthly, our ‘access over ownership’ Subscription model gives customers a comprehensive product and process solution without the major upfront capital cost.

Capital Model

Have the capital, spend the capital. Our Capital model includes an initial financial outlay for the product as well as a monthly service fee.

Deployment and Support

Whichever procurement model you choose rest assured we provide industry leading and on-going program consulting to all of our customers.