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July 23, 2018

Antibiotic Misuse and Implications for Public Health

Antibiotic misuse has been the main driving force in the evolution of antibiotic resistance. A direct relationship lies between the antibiotic consumption and the emergence of antibiotic resistance. Bacteria inherit resistant genes through horizontal gene transfer among different species of bacteria (10). Despite these findings, antibiotics continue to be misused including overprescription to a nonmedical application in food industry. Studies have shown that treatment indication, agent selection or treatment duration is incorrect in 30% to 50% of cases (2). A study […]
July 16, 2018
hospital room disinfection, targeted disinfection, high touch surfaces

Targeted Disinfection of High Touch Surfaces for Infection Prevention

The Infection Control Society has concentrated its interest on how inanimate objects in the immediate proximity of a patient plays an important role in the transmission of nosocomial pathogens. High-touch surfaces are constantly in contact with a patient, which may be a potential repository for nosocomial pathogens and these pathogens are directly or indirectly transmitted through the hands of healthcare workers (1-3). The latest recommendation from the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee and the Centers for Disease Control and […]
May 7, 2018
health care associated infection

Healthcare Associated Infection or nosocomial infection (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions: Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) What is a Healthcare-associated infection (HAI or HCAI)? Healthcare Associated Infection is a contraction of infection within the healthcare setting while receiving treatment for a different condition. Healthcare Associated Infection is often interchangeably used with the terms nosocomial Infection. HAI or HCAI infection is a major threat to patient safety, but easily avoidable through enhanced disinfection and patient care. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines HAI as “localized or systemic condition […]